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Implementing innovative transportation congestion solutions.

  • Complete The Honolulu Rail Transit project

  • Construct PM zipper lanes

  • Promote a 4-day work week for state workers



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Supporting our schools

  • Resolve the teacher shortage crisis by supporting higher pay for qualified educators

  • Invest in both operational and academic technologies with sustainable practices to provide smart boards, computers, air conditioning, and to teach students how to protect and care for our environment 

  • Support the expansion of state-funded early childhood education

  • Enroll emergency hires, substitute teachers, and education assistants in teacher licensing programs  

  • Continue to grow educational efforts to teach our keiki to love and care for our planet, as well as higher education programs in energy and agriculture



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Promoting transparency and accountability in government 

  • Ensure that transparency laws are enforced at all times, including adapting to the new needs of this pandemic 

  • Maintain an open door policy at the Capitol

  • Respond to constituent calls and emails in a timely manner



housing icon

Finding housing solutions

  • Repurpose empty buildings for housing

  • Implement a living wage to bring housing within reach to more people

  • Prioritize housing for local residents


Mālama Kanaka

homelessness icon

Embracing our responsibility to the most vulnerable in our community

  • Expand financial literacy, career and job training at all stages of life

  • Support programs for at risk youth and foster care programs

  • Keep Housing First as a priority to address homelessness

  • Provide hygiene centers and restrooms as needed, where needed


Ho‘okele Waiwai

economic oppertunity icon

Providing economic opportunities 

  • Ensure development and construction projects provide benefits to communities, including training and employment opportunities for residents

  • Launch a statewide career pathways fund to stimulate new education and training programs

  • Focus on high-growth employment sectors for expanding workforce development opportunities for unemployed residents

  • Increase hourly pay to a livable wage

  • Support labor unions with fair pay and a safe & healthy work environment


Mālama Honua

sustainabilty icon

Fixing environmental concerns while expanding renewable energy

  • Embrace the principles of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Aloha+ Challenge,  and the ʻĀina Aloha Economic Futures Declaration

  • Position Hawaiʻi as a worldwide leader in the clean energy category, including support the state legislature by reaching the goal of getting Hawai’i to 100% renewable energy by 2045 and local 100% clean transportation goals

  • Hold those who pollute our fresh water, ocean, and sky accountable, making sure all required environmental reviews, reports, and audits are completed

  •  Support legislation that works for the good of Hawaiʻi both today and for the future, including climate mitigation and critical adaptation efforts as ocean levels rise and threaten our coastlines


‘Oihana Ola

health icon

Health care for all

  • Increase funding for more accessible and comprehensive mental health resources and drug dependency mitigation

  • Expand access to telemedicine services

  • Create an emergency paid sick leave program in the wake of the        coronavirus pandemic

  • Assure health benefits especially for kūpuna and people with disabilities

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